Sophia Garcia

Sophia Garcia, Editor-in-Chief, Design Editor

Senior Sophia Garcia is Co-Editor-in-Chief and Design Editor of “The Rosette” newspaper. Ever since Garcia fell down the stairs the wrong way when she was five, she has wanted to connect to others with humor. Now being able to express her humor, Garcia hopes her satires make people laugh, even if it's that “Hmph” noise people make when they see something funny on the internet. Currently, Garcia is on the run from the lab she was made in and hopes they don’t find this and read it, despite this being posted for public viewing. Garcia’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Aileen Ramirez found Garcia in a dumpster outside the lab Garcia is currently on the run from, and they’ve been friends ever since. With an amazing Co-Editor-In-Chief at her side, Garcia has high hopes for this year.


The Tie Between Two Passions: Garcia contemplates her two favorite career paths.

Reported by: LeAnn Lopez

‘What are you majoring in?’ ‘What do you want to do in the future?’ ‘Are you going to college?’ Questions like these haunt her daily. She's in a constant battle with everyone interrogating her about what she desires to pursue in the future. This is a question she can't find an escape from and will soon have to face. All eyes are on her now as she takes on two major leader roles.

Senior Sophia Garcia is the Editor-In-Chief for the school newspaper and the captain for computer science UIL. These two leadership roles have her in a knot regarding what to pursue in the future.

Garcia is now left with a pivot, deciding which hobby she wants to branch into something more. Torn between Newspaper and Computer Science, Garcia awaits to figure out which leadership role fits her best. 

“It's a tie between newspaper and computer science,” Garcia said. “I love newspaper because I do love writing and I love the environment and the community that you build because it's such a small and interconnected class. And for computer science it started off with four people and now it's grown into so much. It's crazy to me that something that started really small has grown into what it is. I feel the same with both because I am a leader for both.”

Garcia first got introduced to newspaper in eighth grade as she stared at her schedule figuring out what classes she wanted to take in high school. 

“It's just something I wanted to take," Garcia said. “And I'm so glad I made that decision. Marking something on a paper led me to be here. And it's the best decision I've ever made. Going into highschool i wasn't really sure on what I wanted to do, but as I was able to get more opportunities and do more things I found what I really wanted to pursue and stuck with it.”

Now, four years later, Garcia not only found her devotion for newspaper, but she also got introduced to computer science her sophomore year. Garcia has been committed through every high and low that crosses her path.

“Sometimes I don't understand what is going on in computer science, but then you do it and it works.” Garcia said. “The challenge is what makes it so rewarding because when you get it right it's the best feeling ever. 

As a senior, not only will she get to enjoy these things, but as the editor in chief and captain for computer science she’s awarded the opportunity to educate and enlighten others with the things she enjoys the most.

“First couple of weeks it's been strange that I am in charge. Garcia said. “Being a leader is hard to do at first when you have to find your footing on how you work in this class and how everyone else works in this class. Slowly trying to figure it out.”

Garcia is pushing through her last year of high school as a leader and role model to many people. Garcia not only gives the lessons, but she’s also learned a few along the way herself. 

“Being a leader has taught me how to manage things and how to accommodate for whenever things don't go how you plan, " Garcia said. Sometimes it feels like nothing is going how you wanted, but in times like those you have to find a way around it”

Although Garcia is approaching her last year of highschool and has to make a life changing decision soon, she is using this time to make as many memories as she can and to figure out who she is as a leader.

“I used to be very closed off when I was younger,” Garcia said. “But now that I'm in these things I can't just give up and I have to keep going because I know there are people who need me too, and now that I soon have to make a decision I know it will find my way.”

No matter the outcome for Garcia, she remains a positive attitude because even if she's not decided on career path, she knows what environment she finds herself more comfortable in. 

“I can see myself being happy in an environment where it will help me and the people I'm working with grow,” Garcia said. “ I want to be able to do something that will help others, it makes me happy to know that what I'm doing is helping others.”

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How To Haunt.

How To Haunt.

Sophia Garcia, Co-Editor-In-Chief
November 15, 2023
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