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Junior and Staffer, Isaac John, joined “The Rosette” Newspaper because he needed a class to fill his schedule up. His hobbies include piano and calligraphy. Even though he seems a bit boring, he likes to enjoy the little things in life, like the quiet. He is in the Secretary for Varsity Acapella Choir where he does a “fantastic” job, or so he says. John is excited for the year ahead because he already feels like he’s found his third home in Newspaper (choir being his second) and found himself a new family. He hopes to improve his reading and writing skills desperately, because he “has the reading skills of a 3rd grader.” He looks forward to the memories he can make while in Newspaper and broaden his horizons even more in the years to come.


The Music Within: Johns love for music and singing and how it makes him feel.

Reported by: Aileen Ramirez

When his mood changes and the music begins, he relaxes into his mellowing state. Taking in the music, his mind vibes and regulates to his disposition. That is until his voice begins to erupt, and he expresses his love for music differently.

“It’s like white noise to me,” junior Isaac John said. “I don’t have to listen to any outside forces, I just feel really happy and vibe.”

As the music surrounds him, he feels “nirvana.” Nothing else matters, only the notes, the melodies, and the song. Once the music consumes him, he begins to feel the enjoyment wanting to burst somewhere else.

“Whenever I'm singing I really hear myself in my own body,” John said. “ Each note is kind of like a check mark. When I hit each note it feels like an accomplishment. I feel very joyous when I'm singing.”

John began this journey of love whenever he was an elementary school boy. Growing into this new part of him, he found himself singing at church, enjoying his music class, and joining the middle school choir. Once his journey began, John couldn’t find himself to stop his amusement.

“My parents didn’t want me in band so they signed me up for choir instead which was the best decision ever.” John said. “Once I joined, I started getting more serious about singing.” 

Now, six years later, John begins taking these pieces of himself and forms a puzzle with them. Figuring himself out whilst looking at others John feels the lights are finally shining on him. But as he listens to the voices around him, he realizes that this passion isn’t only for fun.

“Whenever I started high school I wasn't really competitive with it,” John said. “But once I started acapella choir I became more competitive seeing all the older people and how they were better than me and I think that motivated me to try harder and be better.”

While John learns he likes a challenge, he opens his mind up to giving others advice. Going from an underdog to becoming part of the older crew in choir, John thinks young singers who are also learning just as he was, deserve to know tips and tricks of climbing to the top.

“There are a lot of things that can hold you back,” John said, “But as long as you have the will to learn then it can be really easy, it just takes lots of tedious work. When learning, be confident and work on breathing,”
Taking his mask off, John reveals the true challenges behind choir and music. While becoming the best version he can be, John opens up about what it is really like to perform on stages.

“Before, it was really nerve wracking,” John said. “When you have a bunch of people in the audience looking at you weird but once you're with a bunch of people, it's really fun.”

Though he has experience being a singer, that doesn’t stop John from feeling that weird sensation. Before he hits the stage, he feels a sort of fright coursing through his veins…

“I feel like stage fright is a thing where you always feel it,” John said. “Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, I think it all depends on how you take let it take over then that's when you know you’ re going to perform bad but if you conquer through it then thats when you know you’ ll do the best you can”

With this fright, there is only so much John can do to conquer it. Building up confidence, John realizes his greatest help is performing with others.

“Personally, I like performing with other people,” John said. “Singing around people that are confident also makes me feel confident. If I perform with them, then I’m not the only one failing, it’s all of us.”

Ultimately, no matter the challenge, the greatest outcome easily wins. Whether it's competing against others, creating a fun hobby, or pursuing an admiration, John makes clear what he really does it for.

“ I do it for myself to see how much I have grown throughout the past few months,” John said. “The complexity of music has me in awe of the many possibilities the human mind can accomplish by doing what it loves, in my case, it’s singing and listening to music.”

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