Authentic Aspirations

Students Share Goals For the New Year

Authentic Aspirations

Bryanna Nzali, Feature Editor

          Deadly forest fires that put animals on the brink of extinction. Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman and other celebrity deaths. BLM protests that displayed police brutality. A worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, that swept the world and resulted in millions of deaths. This is 2020, the year most didn’t expect.

          It’s tradition for many to have New Year’s Resolutions each year. Although some fail to be completed, the desire to complete these goals is increasing. However, not every New Year’s Resolution is the same each year and the experiences in 2020 prove just that. 

          “The one thing I learned was that nothing is set in stone,” sophomore Imani Fiffie said. “I never expected a pandemic and quarantine, but it happened anyway.”

Many student’s plans were messed up by 2020.

          “2020 hit really hard,” freshman Mayah Prelow said. “I had so much planned for the summer. COVID-19 took away all my vacation plans and even some family members.”

          When the pandemic hit, several countries closed down, causing people to go into quarantine. 

          “My lifestyle changed drastically,” senior Ethan Picken said. “I had a system where I would do work and balance school, socializing, and other parts of my life, but COVID-19 has blown that far out of perspective.”

          As a result, students’ resolutions changed while their experiences in 2020 began to affect them in physical, mental, lifestyle, and educational ways. 32% of students felt their mental health was affected the most. 

          “I lost motivation to do things I love, like drawing, reading, and running,” junior Melissa Olivas said. “Not doing things for myself came into trying to keep up with my day to day things doing the bare minimum to get through the day.”

          Nonetheless, students still decided to make 2021 resolutions. Many people have been impacted negatively by 2020; however, one can use their experiences to make a better 2021. 

          “My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is to continue to stay optimistic and positive,” sophomore Diana Corchado said. “2020 has taught me that it can always get worse. I think that remaining positive about the hardships of life is the only actual thing we can do, which is why it is my resolution.”

          While some had their resolutions impacted by the past year, Interpersonal Studies teacher Christy Norris said otherwise. 

          “There’s good and bad in every year,” Norris said. “Of course 2020 was a trash bag of a year, but what I saw with me and others was persevering and finding the strength you didn’t know you had before.” 

          Although 2020 was a trying year, freshman Jashley Ramos is motivated to accomplish the goals she didn’t accomplish this past year. 

          “A lesson I learned is that I can’t force anything to happen,” Ramos said. “I believe that everything happens for a reason and 2020 just prepared me to walk through any chaos I experience.”

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