Face Mask Enforcement


Andres Madrigal, Opinion Editor

Entering 2021, the United States has reported a death count of around 376,000 people according to The New York Times.  30,720 of those deaths occurred in Texas. It is known that COVID-19 is a dangerous virus and the public should take proper precautions to keep themselves and others safe. Dallas County and many other cities in Texas introduced a fine requiring people to wear masks. Due to a lack of proper enforcement, the plan seems to be failing. 

Dallas County should strictly enforce the fine requiring masks.

A reason to more strictly enforce the mandate requiring masks is that people who refuse to wear masks in public are simply inconsiderate. It is not just about them, it’s about keeping the people around them safe. Many of us have family members who are older in age or with pre-existing conditions that make them more vulnerable. People who don’t wear masks can infect our loved ones. The virus is known to affect older age groups in more severe ways and the same for people with pre-existing conditions. According to the BMC, the mortality rate for people who have contracted COVID-19 aging 65 or older is 36% . With an enforced fine, the county will finally hold those violating the mandate accountable to prevent people from losing loved ones. 

Also, enforcing the mandate will help us work towards “normalcy.” It has been hard for the world to adapt to new regulations. Requiring people to wear a face mask will help make the process faster. It will decrease the infection rate by 65% according to the University of california, Davis and by doing so decrease the amount of deaths and ultimately the amount of time we will have to remain abiding to these regulations.

Some people may argue that requiring them to wear masks is unconstitutional or that they have medical conditions that keep them from breathing properly. People with medical conditions should take extra measures and try to avoid being out in public in the first place. If they’re worried about getting infected they should stay home. There is no reasonable argument as to why refusing to wear face masks. The purpose is not only to keep you safe, but to stop the spread and exposing others to it.

Humanity is  living through difficult times right now. Wearing a mask is a necessity to keep each other safe. So, the county should more heavily enforce the fine to keep people in check and others safe.

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