The Growing Concrete Jungle

Urbanization rapidly grows across the city of Mesquite.


Denzel Mendez, Reporter

Throughout the years, numerous businesses have taken over the eastern part of Mesquite. Replacing an abundance of the natural environment with gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, and highways. This leads to an increase of air pollution and carbon dioxide produced by motorized vehicles.

As a community, Mesquite should preserve its natural environments.

Spending time in one of Mesquite’s natural environments can bring people into a calming state. A study from the book Healing Gardens” by Romy Rawlings has shown that two-thirds of people in the world go towards a more natural setting when stressed. This study has found that nature can connect you to the environment, giving benefits such as soothing, restoring, and healing, regardless of age and ethnicity.

Living in a natural, green environment can positively affect one’s social life. According to The University of Illinois, studies have shown that in Chicago, public residences that had green plants and a green space led neighbors to have a strong feeling of unity amongst themselves. Being surrounded by a greenery scene helps people improve their socialization skills.

Within building new roads to retail stores, air pollution arises with it. In an article by” , it is stated that “fresh asphalt is a significant, yet overlooked source of air pollution.” Asphalt is a material used for fixing or manufacturing new road pavements, affecting our community’s fresh air asphalt contains hazardous particles that cause major health problems.

Some would argue that creating more businesses would be great for the economy and for the people. While this is true, when jobs increase, so will traffic. While driving to work, the pollution cars produce can negatively affect us, especially those who have breathing conditions. Polluted air will increase risk of lung cancer and heart disease which was confirmed by the National Geographic Society.

With the town of Mesquite growing, we should take action to preserve our natural environments for our community and future generations.