Love on the brain

Celebrated annually on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day is a time to show extra love to the special people in your life.


Melat Tessema, Staffer

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Top Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022

#1 Candy/Food:  

“I would like to be gifted with food because french fries and ice cream are my favorite.” -Sydney Fillmore, 12

#2 Flowers: 

“I prefer flowers because I think it’s more sentimental.” –Joshua Cora, 10 

#3 Stuffed Animals: 

“I would say stuffed animals because I like collecting them.”  -Chloe Clouse, 11

#4 Love Letter: 

“A love letter because I can treasure it for as long as I want.”  –Leia Garcia, 12

#5 Hugs: 

“Hugs because I think I would want to be loved that way.” -Joseph Ramos, 12 


Who do you celebrate Valentine's Day with?
Defined in many ways, love is a feeling that can be celebrated with a significant other, family, and friends.