JROTC prepares for their upcoming Drill Meet


Benét Waddell, Editor-in-Chief


After preparing for months, JROTC will compete in a Drill Meet on Saturday, Jan. 29 in Waco. 


“During practice, we sometimes like to laugh and goof off,” senior LaRita Albert said. “We still do that, but whenever it is time to be focused, we shut that all out and get concentrated.” 


So far this year, they have had two drill meets in November and December, placing third out of 25 schools in their November meet. 


“We did great at the November meet and came home with many trophies,” senior Jamad Williams said. “I feel we can do even better next time and place top two in all of our events.”


The cadets practice every A-day during fourth period and sometimes in the morning.


“After countless hours spent practicing, it has helped to show me how to be a leader and how to communicate with your team,” senior Robert Hudson said. “Whether that be with incentives, motivators or getting your message through. It helps to create good relationships with those around you.”


The cadets spend their practices building up their strength, speed, agility and endurance which will help them compete in drill categories such as Regulation, Color guard, Exhibition, Physical Training and Academics.


“I used to be a nervous wreck when I first started commanding, but after doing more drill meets, I got over my nervousness,” junior Elizabeth Marquez said. “Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous, but it’s not as bad.


After going against many skilled competitors, the cadets have found helpful ways to relax before competitions. 


“At first, the nerves are high because you never know what to expect,” Hudson said. “During the drill meet, because of the unsettling nerves that we have, there are people that help calm us down and tell us that it’s going to be all right. Then after, it’s a big sigh of relief. Once you’re in there doing it, and then you’re done, you get the feeling of accomplishment.”


Overall, these competitions help the cadets build teamwork and give each cadet an outlet to grow. 

I appreciate how dedicated they are,” Sergeant First Class Gregory Tubbs said. “Their comradery is outstanding. I want them to lead their teams as close to excellence as they can so they can go to the next level, even after they graduate. I want them to see the excellence they are able to achieve.”