Serve With Success

The Varsity Tennis team shares their season experience.


Fatou Cisse, News Editor

The Varsity Tennis team ended their fall season with a win-loss record of 5-8, winning against multiple high schools such as Mesquite (10-8), Naaman Forest (16-3), and Skyline (18-0). 

“The first thing that goes through my mind during a match is to stay mentally strong and to not be brought down,” junior Jeremiah Jones said. “It is all about having a strategy before coming to the game.” 

To develop their game strategies, the team practices all together. 

“We usually have after school practice two days a week until 5:30 p.m.,” sophomore Kate Guerra said. “We also have in school practice during fourth period.”

Memorable moments from previous matches have resonated with players. 

“Playing Naaman Forest was my best moment,” Jones said. “I had a really good serve that day and played to the best of my ability.”

Even after tough losses, the team makes efforts to improve.   

“We played some good ones and we won a lot,” senior Emily Zuniga said. ”We lost against Rockwall, but it was definitely a good game because we were there for each other, cheering each other on despite the circumstances.”

Sometimes the players play in singles, where two players compete against each other. 

“It’s mentally hard because you are the only one out there,” Guerra said. “When you play in singles, it’s just you and your opponent.”

The team was the first to make the playoffs in 7 years and finished with a playoff win-loss record of 5-9.

“They had an amazing year,” Tennis Coach Jessica Taylor said. “They worked hard and fought hard; I’m so proud of them.”

The team was able to thrive this season by working together.

“I feel like the bond gets stronger each year,” Zuniga said. “It’s more than a team; it’s a family.”