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Sarah Tadesse, Entertainment Editor

Senior Sarah Tadesse joined “The Rosette” Newspaper because she loves writing stories and her friends on the staff. Tadesse is an overachiever who sometimes does a little too much, but enjoys being busy. Comic books, Dungeons and Dragons were (and still are) her favorite things growing up, so she developed a love for good stories.


After My Own Art: Tadesse reveals how art has helped her grow

Reported by: Dulce Mejia

Her years have been filled with a passion that has never left but has in fact grown. Her mind is her most prized possesion, allowing her into a place filled with imagination. Her sketchbook is placed in front of her, opened to a blank page. It patiently waits to be filled with color, creativity, and emotion. The pencils newly sharpened tip touches the page and a brand new world has begins to form.

Senior Sarah Tadesse’s passion for art has been with her since she was young. Now, almost 18 year old, that passion has only grown.

Tadesse’s passion for art began at the young age of five. 

“Since I was little, drawing had always been something related to stick figures for my mom and dad,” Tadesse said. “I noticed that anytime I drew something for them it made them really happy so I just kept drawing.”  

Although Tadesse is very skilled at art, it wasn’t always like that, she had to go through a period of ‘trial and error’.

“My dad bought me this set of new markers and then I just started experimenting,” Tadesse said. “Every now and again, I’ll search up a youtube video to learn some techniques but really it’s all just me trying out new things by myself because I feel like that's the way I can make the most authentic art.”

Now, as the years have passed, her love for this passion has kept growing, helping her ‘make the life she wants.’

“I’ve got this little comic book that I’ve been drawing and everything is perfect for ‘comic book Sarah’,” Tadesse said. “She’s got superpowers, she has perfect friends, she has the greatest classes, the greatest life and it just really takes me away from everything that’s happening here now.”

Art has always been something that Tadesse can turn to when she needs it the most or just for the simple outcome of joy.

“It’s always just been something to de-stress or to make my parents happy,” Tadesse said. “I really don’t look at it as a career but just as a source of happiness, something to put a little smile on my face and my family members’ faces.”

Her creativity flow empowers the formation of something as close to the word ‘perfect.’ 

“The thing about art is I can make anything I want,” Tadesse said. “I can draw myself as a superhero, I can draw the world as perfect, it’s like an escape that just lets me have the world exactly the way I want it and not uncontrollable like it is now.”

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Summer Days, Melting Away.

Summer Days, Melting Away.

Sarah Tadesse, Entertainment Editor
November 15, 2023
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Sarah Tadesse