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Kenneth Jordan, News Editor

Senior News Editor Kenneth Jordan joined “The Rosette” Newspaper after long consultation from trusted family friend and physiatrist daffy the duck. Jordan also joined because he thought that he would be a great fit for the newspaper. Jordan enjoys cooking, baking, and watching terrible movies such as the Titanic 2. Spoiler alert, it sinks again. Jordan is a current Varsity member in theater and plans to become an actor. Jordan is currently trying to evade Senior Editorial Editor Sarah Anna Beth Smith’s underpaid lawyers because he is in risk of losing all of his assets in court.


Rising Star: Jordan reveals how he is moving closer to stardom.

Reported by: Abdulsalam Alli

Seeming to be filled with an intense amount of emotion, so much that you can feel it in every movement, but with actually none at all. Fitting in with what he's meant to be so well that in this moment, he’s someone completely different. With a pounding heart he lets out all the emotion that he’s been saving, just for this moment.

Senior Kenneth Jordan has entered his 9th year of acting, with so many paths and opportunities, he’s just scraped the surface.

Even though Jordan has been acting for all this time, he’s liked acting for much longer.

“At the age of 5, acting really began to spark inside me," Jordan said. “Ever since I was little I always liked to watch movies and replay it over and over and I wondered what they did to make this, and was always so interested in that.”

Jordan's first and most favorite play was called Kenny's Juke Joint, for black history month, in the 5th grade. This was the beginning of Jordans acting journey.

“The director made a little script about different important african americans during the harlem renaissance,” Jordan said.”It was so exciting because my name was in the title, it meant so much to me that it was my show. The way it was set in a documentary style where each character would come out and tell their story, makes it the most memorable story I've done.”

Still, despite Jordan’s many years of experience he can find himself struggling even now.

“The biggest struggle is definitely balancing my personal time and the time developing a new character,” Jordan said. “Whenever you perform you have to become so in tune with your character, it’s easy to lose yourself in the mix.”

After many difficult obstacles, Jordan finds himself sprouting into the actor he's been striving to become, and with more confidence than what he started with.

“I enjoy building new relationships with the people I act with, it’s really empowering and makes for a fun environment, " Jordan said. “The thing I enjoy most though, is being celebrated at the end. When all the time and effort is finally recognized and rewarded.”

With all this enthusiasm for his passion, Jordan plans to pursue it further.

“I’m thinking about the University of Southern California because they have a really nice acting department,” Jordan said. “I’ve also thought about the University of California, Los Angeles) or a couple other acting schools.”

But even when all the options and opportunities seem overwhelming for him, he’s able to keep it going.

“I think that at the end of every day, if you can look in the mirror, and say that you can do it, then that’s enough for you to keep going on to the next day.”

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Lost In The Crowd.

Lost In The Crowd.

Kenneth Jordan, News Editor
November 14, 2023
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Kenneth Jordan