Dealing with the Delta

Delta Variant should be taken seriously as students return to school.


Myles Turner

Last school year, many students from Mesquite ISD stayed home for VLA (Virtual Learning) due to the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out the same year. Since returning to face-to-face schooling, VLA students hope to keep a safe environment and slow the spread. However, the new Delta variant outbreak has students questioning if they’re safe.


The Delta variant is a strain of the COVID-19 virus that is more contagious. According to Yale Medicine, the Delta strain was discovered in India in late 2020, and was brought over to the United States the following year. A recent CNN tally confirms that the Delta variant has been identified in all 50 states. The outbreak has already caused over 5,000 cases. The Delta variant is similar to COVID-19, except it’s much worse than what it originally was. According to the CDC, the Delta variant can spread faster than its originator. A person with the Delta variant can infect 2 times as many people. The virus is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people (breakthrough infection).

All mesquite students return to school August 11.

Numerous schools in North Texas have shut down due to the Delta variant, dispite the rising case numbers . According to a weekly dashboard on Mesquite ISD, about 200 students were infected the week of September 23. If we average this number of cases on a weekly basis, the damage could be fatal. While districts have shut down schools around North Texas, Mesquite ISD has currently decided to remain open for this school year. Given the other closures, our school district should take notice and adjust how we are preventing the spread. 

The vaccine became available to all Americans May 1.

Another preventive measure against the Delta variant is the vaccine. Students must be vaccinated to halt further spread of the virus. The Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have shown signs of their effectiveness. According to a Mayo Clinic study, the Moderna vaccine is 86% effective against infection from the Delta variant. The Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines are successful enough to ward off hospitalizations. Although vaccinations for the Delta variant are highly effective, it is not 100%. The CDC states that fully vaccinated people can be infected by the Delta variant. People will need to take two shots of the vaccine to be fully vaccinated. If a breakthrough infection occurs, staying home is the best factor.


Although masks are highly effective in the fight against COVID, many people argue that they should have an option instead of a requirement. In fact, according to Texas State Law Library, Executive Order GA-34 was passed on March 31, stating that citizens who are required to wear a mask will no longer be in effect. Though Texas doesn’t require masks, students should still wear them at all times since they are essential in stopping the spread. The CDC recommends people maximize their mask protection to prevent spreading the virus to others. A spare mask is optional for students to bring, for emergencies.


While the majority of Texas counties are increasing in cases, students should take extra caution and immediate action against the Delta variant by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and self-quarantining. Texans must take action to put a stop to the rising number of cases.