Seniors rely on social media for school updates


Daisy Armendariz, Copy Editor

As COVID-19 has drastically changed school routines, organizations have altered how they provide information. The college readiness center has set up many virtual sessions with colleges for students to attend. The Pride Yearbook promotes most senior updates through their instagram @jaguarpublications. 

“It’s been kind of difficult to figure out what’s happening, what going to happen, and if my clubs are going to happen this year,” senior Natasha Hodge said. “I get my information from what teachers post and through social media.”

Social media has been the best way for sponsors to get information out to all seniors who are face to face learning and virtual. 

As long as seniors are being proactive and following the school on Instagram or Facebook, then they will be in the know,” Speech teacher and Student Council sponsor Mrs.Griffin said. 

Senior portraits are an important session seniors should schedule by Nov. 7 to ensure their portraits are included in the yearbook. Photographers will be on campus Nov. 6 for any last-minute seniors. 

“It’s important for seniors to take their portrait pictures, because if they don’t they won’t be in the yearbook,” senior Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Pride Yearbook, Jenifer Esqueda said. 

The Pride yearbook has constantly been advertising their specials for senior ads as well as for the yearbook price. 

“Prices for everything go up next semester,” Esqueda said. “For senior ads as of now until December 18, the prices vary depending on what size you get they are as low as $65 and as much as $325 which is why it’s better to order your things before December 18.”

Deadlines for senior quotes, senior credentials and senior baby photos are all November 20.

“If you follow our instagram account, at Jaguar Publications and go to the link in our bio everything is there. If you click on the homepage and click 2021 seniors and scroll all the way down you will see all the important information for seniors.”

The College & Career Readiness have been updating seniors on virtual visits from universities, virtual SAT prep, and scholarship on their instagram @jhhs_ccreadiness to help students prepare for their future.

“Virtual informational sessions are where colleges come here virtually,” College Adviser Mr. Gonzalez said. “They share a zoom link and students join, it’s a group session where they speak about their school, their admission requirements, and students can even speak to their admission counselors at the end. All the questions seniors have about the colleges can be answered.”

Virtual information sessions have been happening since the beginning of the school year with universities like Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M commerce, and many more. 

“I attended two college information sessions for Texas A&M and one for the University of Texas at Austin,” senior Collin Turner said. “The sessions were very informational. The presentations made by the presenters were very well put together, making it easing to read over and listen simultaneously. I recommend seniors to attend these events, especially for their dream colleges. It helps prepare for what you may have to complete in order to attend that certain college.”

As well as providing virtual information sessions, Mr.Gonzalez has a link on the College & Career Readiness instagram for his appointments for seniors who are struggling with what to do in the future.

“I have appointments where you can come talk to me about anything,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “Whether it’s your career, you’re stuck on a major, you don’t know what college to go to, or you don’t know anything about financial aid, I’m here to help you out. It’s also not just college but also the military or trade school.”

With many first generation struggling in the time of COVID-19, Mr.Gonzalez has been giving his time to help seniors lost in the college process.

“I was in that position, first generation,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “My parents didn’t speak English and that was tough because everything is orientated to English speakers. I had to translate the FAFSA application for them, but soon I’ll be hosting FAFSA sessions in Spanish. We’re trying to do this bilingual thing here now at school which is going to be great help for students who need it.”