Impractical Precautions


Andres Madrigal, Opinion Editor

School has started in an uncertain time, in the middle of one of the world’s largest pandemics. Many teachers, students, and parents have voiced their concerns about school being safe. To ensure safety and avoid the spread of COVID-19 the school has implemented many regulations in an effort to make school a safe place. However, many of these changes prove to be unrealistic for students.

The school has implemented regulations that could be improved to be more practical.

One of the regulations the school has implemented are one way hallways. Students must go around the whole campus just to get to a class that would take them two minutes if hallways were not one way. Additionally, passing periods are now three minutes instead of five, adding to the difficulty of students getting to class on time.  This doesn’t make sense, one way hallways cause students take longer routes to get to class and many students are still in the hallway by the time the bell rings. Students are already stressed out about their safety here at school and adding to the stress of finding a fast route to get to class stresses them even more. The school should also review other regulations it has put in place and question its practicality.

Another implementation that doesn’t seem effective is how face masks are being implemented. They are proven to be effective in medical studies conducted by the cdc, but when people improperly wear them, it lowers its effectiveness. Everyone on campus should respect each other and follow safety protocols. When people see other people not follow the safety protocols it makes it seem less of a necessity, thus creating an unsafe environment. 

Some may argue that one way hallways prevent people from cross infecting, but if they believe face masks are effective, they shouldn’t be worried about that. Many people also argue that they “can’t breathe” so they take their masks off or uncover their nose, this makes masks less effective since the virus can enter through the nose as a UNC study proved. Therefore, it isn’t a valid argument in any way you look at it. Even if someone takes their mask off for a few minutes, they can spread the virus or catch it themselves.

These are difficult times for all of us, but these are practical things the school can do to ease the stress on students and faculty. One way hallways only complicate things for students. A way this can be resolved is to remove one way hallways in order to make the passing periods easier for students. The school could invest in dividers to create a safe route to classes. They could be placed in the middle of the hallway and divide the two sides. The school shouldn’t argue about cost effectiveness because you can’t put a price on safety. Additionally, adults and students should also be penalized if they are caught not wearing a mask or not wearing one properly.

All in all, the school has implementations that don’t seem practical and should seriously consider modifying them. The school should be a safe place, but there is a way to make it safer and easier for students.