Unlock The Section

Senior Section should reopen for the Class of 2023


Denzel Mendez, Opinion Editor

The Senior Section is closed during lunch this year, forcing all students to eat in the cafeteria. Seniors constantly have to endure the stress with loud, crowded lunches and the conflict within the underclassmen.

The Senior Section should be reopened to seniors this year.

Reopening the Senior Section would decrease crowding during lunches. Seniors would have their own space, while the cafeteria would be occupied by the underclassmen. Many seniors would feel at ease knowing that they have their own section for themselves during their lunch time. Having the Senior Section reopen will reduce the amount of conflict between underclassmen and upperclassmen. Seniors have been overwhelmed dealing with the conflicts among underclassmen. They should have a place where conflict does not exist and be able to eat peacefully with their senior peers.

In addition to opening during lunch time, the senior section should also allow space for seniors to independently work throughout the school day. Just how the library host “Lunch Bunch,” where students are allowed to work and socialize in the library, the Senior Section should do the same for seniors to utilize for work before and after school.

With numerous tasks they are faced with throughout the school year, seniors deserve their own area to take a break from school work. Reopening the Senior Section allows seniors to socialize with one another while taking a break from school itself. This section was specifically designed for them; therefore, seniors should be allowed to use it

The school administration argues that reopening the Senior Section would cause more overcrowding and conflict among students throughout the school year, but they are wrong. In reality, these only surface during passing period and not during lunch hours. With high demand for the senior section opening back, a solution to reduce conflict and encourage student leadership would be to utilize upperclassmen as lunch and hall monitors with the help of adult supervision.

Seniors want to have their privileges, and so do the upcoming upperclassmen. Therefore, to preserve these privileges, students should stand up, take responsibility and encourage their roles. Our seniors should be given a chance to prove their responsibility and the only way they can do that is if the school administration reopens the senior section now.